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My name is Greg Chauvin, 36 years old, born and raised in Paris, France and now based in San Diego, CA.

Certified Personal Trainer from NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine, USA), with more than 10 years of experience in training in München, Paris, and Los Angeles, I have trained celebrities and high-end clients at Equinox West Hollywood, Los Angeles, the number one gym in the US for several years, and now coaching at F45 in San Diego and private clients.

Fitness is my passion, but life is a balance so I have hobbies like fashion, soccer, traveling, or spending time with friends and family.

Also, a fun fact about me: I won the green card lottery in 2014.

"How many mondays have been and gone since you said "I will start next week"?


My philosophy

No military, no yelling workout with me, life is stressful enough so I am not here to add more stress or bad energy. It is all about feeling the vibe/your mood and working with it.

I do this job cause I love interactions with my clients, I love people, to share with them my knowledge but also learn from them as well on all aspects, it is all about the connection.

Having a personal trainer is as simple as any relationship. You don't invest your time, your energy and your money to have a bad time. 

If you hate working out and dont look forward to our sessions, it is not good and it means I failed in my mission, life is too short to waste both of our times.

It is a team work, I share my knowledge of more than 10 years of experience, I am on your back, I correct you, I support you but YOU are the one doing the work,


TOGETHER we get you where you want to be.


Different services

One on One coaching

Most efficient training where I can really focus all my expertise on you and your goals.

In a gym, in a park, at your place, at your office you decide what is most convenient for you.

3 steps strategy :

- Training

- Stretching

- Nutrition

Corporate and group training

You want to train with your best friend or with a colleague, you like more group motivation, this is the option for you.

Also great for Businesses which want to provide group fitness class to their employees.

Online training

Customized training program based on your goals and needs. 

With gym access or not, from wherever you are.

Food tracking, videos of all exercices, key points, always available for any questions, we go step by step together to make you the person you want to be.


WHAT clients say

alec pic.jpg
"In just six months of training with Greg, I lost 19 kilos."

Alex S, 45 years old

Doctor, Los Angeles

"Greg listens to what you want but he also
tells you what you need"
takin pic.jpg

Takin B, 35 years old

Marketing Director

Los Angeles

"Greg is always
flexible with my work schedule"
slim pic.jpg

Slim K, 32 years old

Interior Designer SFA

Los Angeles

"Training with Greg is different each time, but it is definitely always super fun. Time flies every single time we train."

Yakira R, 30 years old

Jelewery Creator

Los Angeles

"Greg is more than just a personal trainer, he is a life coach.
He put me back on track after giving birth to two kids with training, nutrition, and a fresh mindset. "

Michelle V, 42 years old

Fashion Designer

Los Angeles

"I just like how humble, simple, and a good person he is. I hired him as my personal trainer, but now he is also a good friend."

James P , 34 years old

Song writer (Sam Smith, Disclosure, etc.)

London/Los Angeles



San Diego CA

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